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At Juvenate Medical Wellness and Rejuvenation, Dr. Mann and her team are committed to a new model of medical care that combines the best of conventional medicine and integrative/functional medicine to provide individualized care and help attain wellness through the body’s inherent healing capacity. She encourages patients to become active partners in achieving their well-being. Dr. Mann’s goal for her patients is to achieve and maintain wellness by building on the foundations to good health, which include optimal nutrition, adequate sleep, regular movement, mind-body stress management, medical grade supplements and hormone optimization

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PRP Therapy for Natural Healing…

Using a patient’s own blood to rejuvenate skin, or thicken hair What is PRP Therapy...

PRP Therapy for Natural Healing…
Do you feel tired all the time?

You MAY suffer from Chronic Fatigue or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome What is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?...

Do you feel tired all the time?
How to succeed in losing weight and being healthy

Ever wonder why the newest fad diet didn’t work for you? What if I told...

How to succeed in losing weight and being healthy

Success Stories


Shdel M. Harrell

I was struggling with auto immune issues, and all of the doctors I saw, and I saw a lot of them, didn’t know what was going on with me. Some even made me feel worse. I spent a ton of money and was very frustrated and still sick all the time. I was doing some research and came across Dr. Mann, She sent me a document I had to complete and send to her BEFORE our visit. To give you an idea how detailed it was, it took me an hour or more to complete it all. The 1-hour initial consultation was extremely personal and thorough; and I could tell she studied my profile and she even had notes. I took all kinds of non-traditional tests and blood work, and low and behold I finally had answers!!! Her follow-up consult was something I’d never experienced before. She had all of my reports ready for me in a folder for me to view along with her and to take with me. She explained why I was feeling bad [in layman’s terms], and she had a wellness program all prepared for me. It was layed out so nicely that I had no problem following it. Within 4 months I was feeling considerably better. I’m still on the road to recovery, but I’m 75% better than I was and I really have Dr. Mann to thank!


Cyndi Ecke Daullary

After 5 years of struggling with Lyme Disease and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome I have been blessed to find Dr. Mann to help get my health back :) Dr. Mann has gone above and beyond, unlike any other doctor I have ever used. She treats the entire body system and gets to the root of the problem using more natural treatments.


Carol Sessler Reese

I believe, after 16 years of suffering from poor sleep, daily gas and bloating symptoms, thinning hair, brittle nails, low energy and food cravings I am finally on the right track to wellness.

My previous internists were not able to help me using traditional blood tests. I am so glad I jumped on the functional medicine band wagon. I know I need to be patient before I can see some results. Dr. Mann spent an enormous amount of time with me explaining what tests she recommends and what my follow up visit would look like.

I am now on a 8 week elimination diet to help rid my body of SIBO. She also recommended a more thorough blood thyroid panel which showed a deficiency. I am now on the correct thyroid medication to help restore my health.
I have some weight to lose, but my current elimination diet does not restrict calories. I am happy to report in 2 weeks I have lost 5 lbs by removing grains, sugar and my trigger foods.

This is a process. I am learning better sleep habits to improve my health as well as using some suggested stress reducing techniques. I am looking forward to my future improved health.

Eve Hershkowitz

Eve Hershkowitz

I’m just beyond 1/3 of the way thru my 2-cycle elimination diet, and just completed the 10-day detox! I’ve never experienced a doctor having such comprehensive tests done, and taking this much time to explain the results & recommendations, until seeing Dr. Mann! What a difference from the typical “Dr. Take-a-Pill” attitude!

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