I believe, after 16 years of suffering from poor sleep, daily gas and bloating symptoms, thinning hair, brittle nails, low energy and food cravings I am finally on the right track to wellness.
My previous internists were not able to help me using traditional blood tests.
So glad I jumped on the functional medicine band wagon. I know i need to be patient before I can see some results. Dr. Mann spent an enormous amount of time with me explaining what tests she recommends and what my follow up visit would look like.
I am now on a 8 week elimination diet to help rid my body of SIBO. She also recommended a more thorough blood thyroid panel which showed a deficiency. I am now on the correct thyroid medication to help restore my health.
I have some weight to lose, but my current elimination diet does not restrict calories. I am happy to report in 2 weeks I have lost 5 lbs by removing grains, sugar and my trigger foods.
This is a process. I am learning better sleep habits to improve my health as well as using some suggested stress reducing techniques.
I am looking forward to my future improved health.